The Bellini Twins. Physical Comedy

The Bellini Twins have one of the highest LPMs (laughs per minutes) of any physical comedy group.  From the Tonight Show with Jay Leno to the 2010 “Planetary Carnival of Stage Direction at the Russian State Circus in St. Petersburg via the Comedy Festival at Ceasars Palace in Vegas, the Bellini Twins have continuously been the funniest part of every show they have been in.

Danish born Henrik Bothe and US native Steve G both love making people laugh.  They met while performing at October Fest, in Munich Germany, over 12 years ago.  It wasn’t until 2006 when happenstance found them not only on the same continent but also in the same city (Portland OR) and The Bellini Twins were born!

Now the Bellini Twins perform a hilarious striptease/lounge magic/burlesque act, a stupendous plate-spinning routine, a glow in the dark optical illusion called “Neonman”, and an out of this world ballet parody.  Next… “The Bellini Twins in concert… Unplugged!”  Stay tuned.